Al-Hussein Bin Talal Library

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Al-Hussein Bin Talal Library was established in 1976.It moved to the new building, which is about 18,000 sm, in 2002. The new building raised the capacity of the library to about one million volumes of hard copies, and can seat about 3000 patrons at one time. Its atmosphere and relaxing environment encourages thousands of patrons (6-8 thousand) to frequent it on daily basis. Its services are provided at ease by adopting state-of-the-art technology for library services and a staff of well-trained employees, the number of whom exceeds 100.


Message and some features of the library:


Providing information resources that meet the needs of library patrons according to their areas of specialization. It serves a university population which consists of 32,000 students, 1000 staff, and about 2000 administrative employees. It also provides limited services to the local community.


Creating awareness among its patrons based on continuing education and training, enabling them to maximally benefit from its resources.


Enforcing cooperation and coordination with other similar institutions on national, regional, and even international levels in the fields of librarianship, including regulation policies and practices. To this effect, the library is an active member in a consortium for state Jordanian universities libraries -Center of excellence for Library services which was established in 2004.


The library stacks include more than (600,000) information resources in several languages on various areas of specializations mostly taught at the university, and also to enhance the encyclopedic knowledge of its staff and students.


Providing a number of local and international digital databases with thousands of periodicals, books and dissertations in full text.  YU staff and students can access such resources either on campus or via internet at this URL:


The Library follows the Anglo-American cataloging rules, MARC21 standards and the US Library of Congress classification system in organizing and indexing its information resources. It, together with the other members of Center of Excellence, uses one of the best integrated library systems in the world, Horizon, in carrying out all its library services: acquisitions, cataloging, circulation, OPAC, and periodicals.


Self service of printing and photocopying is available by using a rechargeable magnetic card or student's magnetic ID.


Furnishing PC Labs to help patrons search local and global databases. It also provides special Speaking PCs, donated by International Foundation for Handicapped and USAID.

The library is carrying out one of the most pioneering projects in the world which the digitization of journals published by Arab institutions. Consequently, the Arab Universities Association has recognized it to exclusively be the deposit center of journals published by member universities.