Procedures to register to the university in both regular and parallel programs

A- Regular programs for Jordanian students (competition, abroad Jordanian, makromat Jaish, makromat mo'alemeen, makromat mokhaimat)

After announcing the Tawjihi results, the Coordinating Unit for Common Acceptance declares the date of submission for applications through post offices in all over kingdom to buy a card for this purpose and to be used to deliver applications via the website of the Coordinating Unit for Common Acceptance. (For more information click here to view the basis issued by the Higher Education Council) Acceptance basis 2010/2011



B- Regular program for non-Jordanian students:

Their acceptance is due to (cultural exchange) through the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education in coordination with their countries or cultural attaché in Jordan.


C- Parallel Program for Jordanian and non-Jordanian students:

Submission for applications is announced through local newspapers and on the web site of the university under same conditions, specific results of Tawjihi and vacancies, the admission for this program will be through the university directly and the presence of the student is a must to finish the procedures of admission.


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